Dec 15-08

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Lake Linden    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by E. Neil Harri
Lake Linden looking north    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by E. Neil Harri
Calumet    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by E. Neil Harri

Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Monday, December 15, 2008 - 05:17 pm:

When I'm up in the air, the places on the ground aren't always easy to identify, but Lake Linden is one location I'd know anywhere. As soon as I opened the first two photos here today from E.Neil Harri, I knew I was looking at my hometown. That first shot is a different angle, looking east over the town, while the second shot is looking more towards the north. In fact so north, you can see the Calumet-Lake Linden hill (M-26) and then right on up into Laurium and Calumet off in the distance.

Neil's third shot was taken after he had flown further north and snapped the shutter button right as he was getting ready to fly over downtown Calumet. Here again you can see off in the distance some familiar landmarks, like M-203. With the leaves off the trees and the snow highlighting the ground, I think you can see more of what's below those wings as Neil flies by.

Today's photos are just a taste of what you'll find in the latest of Neil's DVD's. He's busy working on the Keweenaw Winter DVD, which will start in Chassell and fly north to the Keweenaw point. It should be a good addition to the already completed Marquette County Winter DVD that is available, along with the Fall Tour DVD's, too. So if you're looking for something uniquely U.P. you have a myriad of choices over at Neil Harri Photos.

Don't forget the delicious side of unique U.P. gifts for giving this Christmas season.... the Pasty Central Pasty. Your choice of Original Pasties, Breakfast Pasties or Vegetarian Pasties. Just think what a treat it would be to sit down with a U.P. Pasty and fly over the U.P. countryside with Neil. We are actually sold out, the FedEx trucks all full between now and Christmas, but you can still download an engraved quality Pasty Central Gift Certificate for the Pasty lover on your list!

By FJL (Langoman) on Monday, December 15, 2008 - 05:31 pm:

Someone has to post, so it might as well be me...Good evening to all.......FJL

By Therese (Therese) on Monday, December 15, 2008 - 09:20 pm:

Beautiful photos; they make me wish I was from Lake Linden and could call that lovely town home.

By Sandy G (Artessss) on Monday, December 15, 2008 - 09:22 pm:

I guess everyone is busy with company or out shopping or, or, or and million other things this time of year. The temperature has dropped here in Texas where I live 28 in town and in the teens here. It will warm up some before Christmas, then dive down again. Good evening and God bless all.

By Robert H. Baker (Rhb) on Monday, December 15, 2008 - 09:26 pm:

great shots of lake linden. to bad we lost all of snow down here in troll land.

By Ken ja Mimi from da UP (Kenjamimi) on Monday, December 15, 2008 - 10:43 pm:

When we went to bed last night, our temp. here in Cornell was 45.9F. Getting up this am it had dropped to 6F ! Lost almost 40 overnight. Very cold wind all day and now it's down to -2. Brrr! Supposed to go down to a -17 by morning. The sun is almost as far south as it will go before starting back north on the 21st. Technically it's not even winter yet, BUT spring is on it's way! :o)

By walter torola (Centtinal) on Tuesday, December 16, 2008 - 12:10 pm:


By E. Neil Harri (Ilmayksi) on Tuesday, December 16, 2008 - 04:01 pm:

Walter, There will be a pic of Centennial Hieghts in the Keweenaw winter DVD. I took it today. I shot a nice fall one too. I will have to look and see if it made it in Keweenaw Autumn DVD. I have taken pics of it in the past. I used to go sledding down crooked hill when I was a lad. My Heights buddies went to Centennial school with me.

By George P. Larson (Gplarson) on Wednesday, December 17, 2008 - 11:47 am:

I've been lurking on this site for years and now I have reason to ask a question. I was born in Laurium 65 years ago (as of this coming January 2nd) and returned to Calumet evey summer of my youth to visit my Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles. My Grandfather worked as a steward at the Elks club. Neil's photo of Calumet seems to show that the Elks Club building I remember is no longer there. Can anyone confirm that for me?

By Thomas D. Dessellier (Tomd) on Wednesday, December 17, 2008 - 06:26 pm:

Great pictures of Lake Linden. I can almost see my home where I grew up on Front St. We had a few inches of snow down here below the bridge last night(Tuesday)and you would think that we had a few feet. People down here do not know how to drive.

Tom Dessellier
Father was Gideye Dessellier

Mary says: Hi Tom ~ Here's a closeup of the home on Front St. that you grew up in. It's the back of it, but you can see it better. :->

Gideye's House

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