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Fall at the falls    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by W.R. Maki

Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 03:40 am:

It's beginning to look like fall in different areas of the U.P. and this photo from W.R. Maki gives you just a taste of color as you look through the ferns, towards an unnamed falls here UP North. Can anyone enlighten us on which falls this could be?

Color Report: The trees around Lake Linden are slow to change color, but you can see a hint of changing colors amidst the sea of green. In other areas of the Keweenaw, you'll see places with more color, but certainly not anywhere near peak time for color viewing. The best is yet to come!

By Smfwlk (Trollperson) on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 05:07 am:

Pretty pic - have no idea which falls.....

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 07:25 am:

Nice picture! I'm hoping the leaves aren't already off the trees by the time we get there the 2nd weekend of October. But I'm afraid we're going to miss the show.

By Alex "UP-Goldwinger" (Alex) on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 07:52 am:

Thanks for the update Mary.

This website is also a good tool for tracking the fall color:

Scroll down to see the different Michigan regions. The website is usually updated weekly.

By Theresa R. Brunk (Trb0013) on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 08:32 am:

Looks like some falls I have seen in the Porkies... but not really sure. Wish I was there to see the leaves turn. I am afraid I shall never see the UP again. :(

By pete rytkonen (Chugnspit) on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 08:41 am:

i would have to guess canyon falls.

By Helen Marie Chamberlain (Helen) on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 09:13 am:

Looks like Bond Falls to me, but I'm not sure.
Beautiful picture, thanks!

By Brooke (Lovethekeweenaw) on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 10:41 am:

Very pretty but don't know which they are. Hiked to the Hungarian yesterday, why didn't anyone tell me there was more than one set back there?

By Nate (Nalwine) on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 11:37 am:

I'm pretty sure this is the first falls of the final mile of the Presque Isle River--Mandido I believe...

By Capt. Paul (Eclogite) on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 11:42 am:

I was kinda thinking the same thing Nate; somewhere along the Presque Isle. I was trying to cheat and identify the rock in the pic, but it's a bit fuzzy. With this being the first day back to work since Ike, I'm a bit pre-occupied today.....

By Theresa R. Brunk (Trb0013) on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 11:49 am:

Presque Isle River....Wouldn't that make the falls in the Porcupines? Maybe I was right. But I haven't been to the Porkies since 1991. I hold the falls in the area one of my favorites, other than the Grandaddy of falls in the UP, Tahquamenon.

By JUDICCWI (Judiccwi) on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 02:03 pm:

Take a look at album 'UP October 2003'
You will find your answer.
W.R. is a Mass City guy.

By FRNash/PHX, AZ (Frnash) on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 02:53 pm:

JUDICCWI (Judiccwi):
"Take a look at album 'UP October 2003'
You will find your answer."

Yep, that album 'splains it all:
That picture s entitled "neat-falls thru ferns".

I guess I've never been to "Neat Falls"!


By David Soumis (Davesou) on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 07:56 pm:

that's too funny LOL

By Catherine Ristola--Holland MI (Catherine) on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 09:11 pm:

I was thinking Greenwood Falls.

By JUDICCWI (Judiccwi) on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 11:58 pm:

FRN and Dave
Thought you would see the name of the location on the other pics. LOL

By Sandy G (Artessss) on Tuesday, September 23, 2008 - 01:38 am:

God sure has a way of painting His love through the seasons. You all are lucky to be right there amidst all He has to show. I'm in the rolling hills area of TX but not too much seasonal change near me. TX has it's beauty too and God shows it here as well. God Bless! Beautiful pictures all!

By 4WDGreg (4wdgreg) on Wednesday, September 24, 2008 - 09:12 am:

I've hiked through the U.P. woods to see a whole lot of the waterfalls, but this one has me stumped. It's definately not Manido, Bond, or Canyon falls. I'm going to guess that this is the unnamed falls on the Presque Isle River just downstream from Manabezho Falls.

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