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Charlie at Pasty Central (Chopper) on Sunday, August 10, 2008 - 07:53 am:

In what year was the Douglass Houghton monument dedicated in Eagle River?

By David Hiltunen (Davidcorrytontn) on Sunday, August 10, 2008 - 07:55 am:

1914 good morning
First Post

By Grace M Wetton (Gmw) on Sunday, August 10, 2008 - 09:19 am:

Good Morning everyone! Beautiful day out, blue sky, 56 degrees.

Congrats on the Early Bird David!!!

By Cindy Pihlaja Russell (Gone2long) on Sunday, August 10, 2008 - 11:09 am:

Brrrr...only 56 degrees? I'm not quite ready for that yet. It's a perfectly beautiful day here in Lansing. Got out for a nice walk this morning and maybe I'll have a nap this afternoon...

By David Hiltunen (Davidcorrytontn) on Sunday, August 10, 2008 - 01:10 pm:

Thanks Grace,It was a easy catch this morning. Barbie woke me up a little after 7:00 am saying the dogs were jumping on her,and for me to let them out! Jeepers creeapers, if they wanted me to let um out, they would have jumped on me,Ya think? 56 degrees, it has been near that here too once this week in the wee hours of the morning. Nice clear sky,I can see the tops of old Smoky about 30 miles the way the Crow fly's. Say hey to my Cousin Rob for me.

By Grace M Wetton (Gmw) on Sunday, August 10, 2008 - 01:25 pm:

Hey David, got the same issue with dogs in our house. Got 3 dogs to jump on me to say " I gotta go out" just when a person is sleeping so nice. Will pass on the hello from ya!!!

I have seen leaves turning red already on a tree back behind our house. EEK! Fall already???

By Michael Du Long (Mikie) on Sunday, August 10, 2008 - 01:36 pm:

It is cold here in Berkley, going to look for some sweats to wear now. Love the picture from Kevin. I always wished we had a camp in the woods like that.

By Russell E. Emmons (Russemmons) on Sunday, August 10, 2008 - 02:42 pm:

56 to 59 degrees all day, off & on cold showers, & windy here in St. Clair county. Feels like fall! Too soon for that even in northern Michigan.
Best weather I experienced all year so far was in the UP and Keweenaw! 70 to low 80s, no smog, or haze, clear skys, low humidity! It was great!

By Marsha, Genesee/Aura (Marsha) on Sunday, August 10, 2008 - 03:57 pm:

Yup, it was 62 at the pool party we just returned from! We had fun anyway.

By Capt. Paul (Eclogite) on Sunday, August 10, 2008 - 04:34 pm:

56?? I wouldn't complain too much for it could be much worse....... our low was 84 with 96% humidity!!

By Helen in the U. P.! (Lahelo) on Sunday, August 10, 2008 - 07:57 pm:

It was a chilly 41 when I left for work at 7:30 am in Ontonagon. Turned out to be a beautiful day!

By David Hiltunen (Davidcorrytontn) on Monday, August 11, 2008 - 12:42 am:

Yep,it is cooling down. One hundred and thirty one day's and it will be 12/25/08

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