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Yooper riding mower    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo from James Hoffman

Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 04:19 am:

When this picture from SFC James Hoffman arrived in my inbox, I had to do a double take, then began to chuckle. James is stationed at Fort Bragg, NC, just having returned there from his 3rd deployment. He was home for a visit when he posed on his old BMX bike that was modified by his neighbor Dennis. Yoopers don't just complain about the price of gas and their ever expanding waistline, they DO something about it. They build a riding mower that will not only cut your grass using NO GAS, but give you and excellent workout at the same time. How's that for Yooper ingenuity? I'd have to give them a high grade for coming up with another way to multi-task, now if they could just figure out a way to read a book while pedaling around the lawn, I'd be all set! Thanks for the great photo, Jim and more importantly thanks for protecting and serving our country.

Just so happens it's the anniversary of the ROTC. Check out Pasty Central's Day in History

By Richard L. Barclay (Notroll) on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 05:09 am:

Do they plan a sno-go modification? Love the thought, and the execution.

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 07:37 am:

That is so funny! Thanks! After that Wings game last night, it's nice to wake up to something that will make me laugh. Thanks, Jim!!

By john mich (Johnofmi) on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 08:26 am:

Nice idea but I bet it doesn't work very well on corners

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 08:32 am:

I'm guessing it would be something of a struggle on hills too, up and down.
Mr. Deb

By Kathyrn Laughlin (Kathyl) on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 08:33 am:

I was considering a push mower as I was mowing my mom's yard last Saturday, thinking about the fact I was pushing the weight of the engine in the gasoline-powered mower. I'd be interested in knowing how well the device actually worked--did the weight of the rider on the "front wheel" make the mower dig in too much?

Regarding the Red Wings, I went to bed after the second overitme period. Glad I did.

By Brooke (Lovethekeweenaw) on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 09:02 am:

I want a lawn mower like that!

Sounds like a good thing I went to bed after the 2nd period.

By Emily (Emily) on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 09:09 am:

You might just be surprised if you tried a new push mower. Sure the ones of yesterday were awful, but push mowers these days are not your father's push mower. They are light-weight, work amazingly well, and are easy to use... and no gas needed! Not to mention much quieter! :)

I too only made it through the 2nd OT. What a game!

By Janie T. (Bobbysgirl) on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 10:00 am:

Would he be available to do our yard? We have 4 flat acres for our yard. We have mowed as much so far as we plowed snow last winter. Since the first of May we have recieved close to 10 in.of rain.

By David Hiltunen (Davidcorrytontn) on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 10:22 am:

You meet the nicest people on a push mower. First gear it's alright, second gear hold on tight, third gear lean right, faster.

I saw all 7 goals in the Red Wings game.

By kathie Murto (Murtomania) on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 10:35 am:

My husband was a die hard fan of the Red Wings, he was at the game with confetti in hands! We will get them tomorrow!!

By Walter P McNew (Waltermcnew) on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 04:50 pm:

red wings === say it aint so joe

By David Soumis (Davesou) on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 08:41 pm:

hopefully they will lose in Pittsburg...
sorry Wings fans, but I would rather see a game 7 victory in Detroit by the Wings..that would be such a great game.

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