Jan 05-08

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Pheasants in the Copper Country?    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Dave Dalquist
The Pheasant and the Hare    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Dave Dalquist
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Photos by Dave Dalquist

Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Saturday, January 5, 2008 - 07:47 am:

Dave Dalquist was recently home for a visit with his Mom, Jan, on the Houghton Canal. He wasn't the only visitor there and he took these pictures to prove it. I'm no expert on birding, but I'd have to say that ring-necked Pheasants aren't the most common birds at the feeders here UP North. Jan told me that they started visiting her feeders around the end of October and are quite amusing to watch, especially when it's icy, they tend to slip and slide on their tail feathers. Their diet at the feeders consists mainly of oiled sunflower seeds. Jan says she's put out lettuce and carrot peels, but they don't seem interested, however they do scratch and peck a lot under the spruce trees. Even though they aren't native to the area, they seem to have adapted quite well, co-existing with bunnies and squirrels even. Could they be snowbirds in reverse?

By dotti caldwell (Dotti) on Saturday, January 5, 2008 - 08:31 am:

Wonderful shots! I just filled my feeders here in West Virginia and was rewarded with these pics when i came in! The third pic looks like the birdie wants to play and the pic with the bunny in the background is wonderful! Thanks!

By JH (Thumbgardener) on Saturday, January 5, 2008 - 08:53 am:

Those are beautiful pictures of beautiful birds. Very tasty birds too! Way better than chicken.
Dave, you have some great pictures in your album.

By Paul Oesterle (Paulwebbtroll) on Saturday, January 5, 2008 - 09:56 am:

The Ring Neck Pheasant is a beautiful bird. They used to be very plentiful here in lower Michigan back in the 40's and 50's. As farming practices changed and the fence rows and grassy lands disappeared, so did the numbers of this beautiful bird. What a thrill it was to have a rooster explode out of the grass at your feet when hunting them! Their numbers dwindled down to where the Michigan DNR made a deal to bring in the Sichaun eggs from China to try to grow the population. The Sichuan does not have the famililar white ring around its neck. You still see one once in a while.

By Janie T. (Bobbysgirl) on Saturday, January 5, 2008 - 10:48 am:

Years back we had a liver and white English Springer Spaniel, Gus, that could flush pheasants up all day long! Watching him "springing" in the meadow, it's no wonder why they were called Springers. He was a great dog, lived to a ripe ol' age of 15 yrs.

By doug 6540 (Cwo) on Saturday, January 5, 2008 - 11:01 am:

Nice Pics !!! I grew up in the Houghton area and remember hearing pheasants crowing in the woods and seeing a few from time to time. Happy to know they are still Yoopers...



By Christopher Cole (Ccole) on Saturday, January 5, 2008 - 04:44 pm:

Did someone raise some young birds and release them? The U.P. is a very harsh environment for pheasants.

I agree with Paul - it's quite the thrill to have a rooster pop up out of the underbrush while hunting. Even my dog gets surprised sometimes!

By DEAN SCHWARTZ SR. (Lulu) on Saturday, January 5, 2008 - 05:50 pm:


By Walter P McNew (Waltermcnew) on Saturday, January 5, 2008 - 07:10 pm:

great picts. ======== i remain walter p.

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