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Charlie at Pasty Central (Chopper) on Sunday, July 15, 2007 - 07:06 am:

One of my all-time favorite Pasty Cam shots appeared 8 years ago today here at Pasty Central. Back in those days Jonathan worked the night shift at Still Waters. That morning on his way home from Calumet to Eagle River, he took a side trip up Bumbletown Hill to see the foggy sunrise. After almost a year and a half of taking daily shots, his skill as a photographer was becoming evident.

By maija in Commerce Township (Maija) on Sunday, July 15, 2007 - 07:17 am:

beautiful picture!
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By Theresa R Brunk (Trb0013) on Sunday, July 15, 2007 - 08:01 am:

Good Morning from Florida. When I was living in the UP and I would wake up during winter I would pray of "just 2 weeks in Florida, please Lord." I thought that would bring me back to sanity from my cabin fever. Now living here for 10 years, I wake up to this beautiful picture which reminds me to be very careful for what we pray for. I miss the early morning fog and the cool breeze that would drift in later when the sun would rise. The Pasty Cam has been a true gift from God to remind me that I have seen Heaven on Earth, and Its' called Keweenaw.

By Paul Oesterle (Paulwebbtroll) on Sunday, July 15, 2007 - 08:59 am:

Good morning every one! Kind of a similar situation here in the southern LP this morning. When I looked out my bedroom window at 5:55 A.M., a partial fog bank stood over the half combined wheat field behind our house. It was 49. On the way to breakfast a doe walked across the road a little way ahead of us and further down the road a hen turkey and her brood were standing just a few feet off the road. On the way home, several bean fields had deer feeding around the edges! Mother Nature at her finest! The fog is gone now and it looks like we are in store for another fine day. We sure could use some moisture though. A family reunion this P.M. Time to get ready for church.

By Cheryl Rozman (Cotton) on Sunday, July 15, 2007 - 01:38 pm:

It's a beautiful day here in Gwinn today. It's about 74 outside with a nice breeze. I hung out my sheets a little while ago & they're ready to be taken in. I love the smell of fresh air dried sheets when you crawl into night at night.
Our daughter, son inlaw & little baby Mallory (9 mos old) are coming today from Lansing. Can't tell you how excited this Grandma is to see them. This will be a happy & busy household for awhile because we have another daughter & two children coming in on Tuesday from Colorado. Will be nice to see them with the rest of the gang. If our kids from Florida were here we'd be able to have our family reunion. But you know how that goes, to get them all together at once. We'll still have fun though. Sorry guess I'm being another Marianne!!!

By Paul Oesterle (Paulwebbtroll) on Sunday, July 15, 2007 - 03:08 pm:

Cheryl! Amen on the great smell of clothes line dried sheets. An aroma to die for! Is the current Gwinn school superintendent the same one you hired about 4 years ago?

By JH (Thumbgardener) on Sunday, July 15, 2007 - 05:20 pm:

Speaking of Marianne. I hope she is healing well and is comfortable. I Miss her posting. If you read this, Marianne: GET WELL SOON!

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