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Steve Haagen (Radsrh) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 10:57 am:

Good Morning

By David Hiltunen (Davidcorrytontn) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 10:59 am:

Good morning

By k j (Kathiscc) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 11:37 am:

Good Morning. Had some freezing rain last night here in northeastern Il. But still nothing I would call snow. We are supposed to get hit tonight, I think. Hearing 0-12 inches, depending on who you listen to.

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 11:59 am:


By Gonna be a Yooper (Joanie) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 12:00 pm:

Good morning, is that downtown Houghton?

By Jerry Johnson (Jerryjohnson62) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 12:01 pm:

Good Morning from Sunny Florida in the 80s today,wish I was in the UP to cool off.

By Erica - Florida Keys (Erica) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 12:14 pm:

Nice weather here in the Keys,a little cloudy and 78 degrees. Am again looking forward to spending time in the UP (where else?)this summer and fall.

By Ms. Katie (Mskatie) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 12:42 pm:

Erica=Fl. Keys...your emails are stirring up interest in the Keys so I'm going to look them up on the Internet. Where were you raised in the UP?Curious Katie :)

By Judy Kinnunen (Finngal) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 12:46 pm:

Morning....A beautiful day here in W Pensacola, sunny and 70 degrees.

By joanne sherick (Shedoesnails) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 12:50 pm:

hello pasty friends. I need your help. our family has been blessed with a 8 week old male german shephard puppy.we are looking for a finnish name for him. anyone with suggestions please let us know. we are looking for a strong name for him as he will be a large working dog.
his playmate is our one year old female shephard nikki.

By Candy Goulette (Cagoulet) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 01:08 pm:

Joanne, how about Työntekijä, which I think means "worker," or Ankara, which means "strong."

By Janie T. (Bobbysgirl) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 01:15 pm:

Joanne...Aulis, means willing, Taito means skilled, Usko means faith, Voitto means victory, Toivo means hope. I did a search for Male Finnish Names, and it came up with many links.

By Erica - Florida Keys (Erica) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 01:26 pm:

Ms.Katie,I was born in Traverse City (Mi)and raised in Toledo,Ohio,Jamestown,NY and Highland Park,Mi. I spent my summers with my grandparents in TC. I fell in love with the UP the first time I was there and it is a continuing affair. I think of it as the Keys north! The Keys are lovely,the weather is fine and the water is fabulous but the itch to go UP never goes away.

By Erica - Florida Keys (Erica) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 01:31 pm:

Ms.Katie I live 6i miles north of Key West and 11 miles north of Marathon....the heart of the Keys.

By Gonna be a Yooper (Joanie) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 01:32 pm:

Joanne, how about Hannu, Fredrik, Henri, Ismo, Jari, Kai, Magnus or Mika? Found these names on the "Net", just go to "Finnish Names"! I kinda like Ismo!

By Gonna be a Yooper (Joanie) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 01:58 pm:

Go Bears!

By joanne sherick (Shedoesnails) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 02:13 pm:

I think we found a name we like. Reikko. I think I't goes well with Nikki. thank you all for your suggestions. have a great day. by the way joanie it was a toss up. we liked Ismo too.

By joanne sherick (Shedoesnails) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 02:45 pm:

miss katie. I had the chance to go to the keys back in 1989. I was just 19 years old. unfortunatly I had a boyfriend who didn't approve of me spendind a few days in the keys with some of my best I wish I would have ditched the boyfriend and made some great memories.ha-ha.

By Danbury (Danbury) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 03:08 pm:

Was just browsing through the trivia news of my providers site (german, of course) and found what?
A story about a man, name given as Nuranen, who returned a library book after 47 years, paxing 170+ $, and didn't even read it completely. Supposed to have happened in Hancock.
Anyone who can confirm?

By Erica - Florida Keys (Erica) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 03:23 pm:

Joanne Sherick,I calculate you are now about 36. You have lots of time to make memories and the Keys are still here. It is beautiful down here,very laid back and lots of things to see and do. You can just go to the beach and enjoy the sand and surf or you can party away at numerous resorts.Traveling here by travel trailer is fun,too. We have some great campgrounds!

By FRNash/PHX, AZ (Frnash) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 03:52 pm:

Danbury (Danbury):
"Anyone who can confirm?"

From the Daily Mining Gazette (Houghton, MI) Saturday, January 06, 2007:
After 47 years in the wilderness, ‘Prince of Egypt’ returns

By Gonna be a Yooper (Joanie) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 04:32 pm:

Baby Bear was in a custody battle with Papa and Mama. The judge asked who do you want to live with? Baby Bear replied, I want to live with anyone that doesn't beat me. The judge asked, and who might that be? Baby Bear replied, "The Seattle Seahawks"! Yes, Bears! What a great game!

By Gonna be a Yooper (Joanie) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 04:42 pm:

Joanne, good luck with the new puppy. German Shepherds are the best dogs! We had a female, long, long time ago, her name was Ilsa and I miss her so much.

By kosk in Toronto (Koskintoronto) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 04:43 pm:


I saw it on the Daily Mining Gazette site, but it also made the news
here in Toronto where we finally have about a half inch of snow.
More expected tonight. Here's hoping!

By Gerald E Mantel (Gerry_mantel) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 05:47 pm:

Copper Country projects – An update 1-15-07

After having read last Sunday’s excellent, “cover story” review of Steve Lehto’s Italian Hall book in my local paper, The Hibbing Daily Tribune (Hibbing, MN), I thought it might be a good time to share with others what I know about some neat Copper Country projects-in-progress.

As it concerns the aforementioned “Death’s Door” (released Nov 1, 2006), it is my understanding that Steve Lehto managed to secure over 1,000 pre-orders, subsequently sold out the first printing of 3,200 in exactly one month (holy cow!) and is currently well on the way to exhausting the second printing. Given the fantastic, all-star effort he put into the development of this fine work he is certainly well-deserving of yet many more sales. You reap what you sow, “sow” I say “Congrats, dude!” Please visit for some interesting sidebars & footnotes, updated weekly or so.

Peter Oikarinen’s equally-classic “Island Folk,” first published in the late 70s, will apparently be reprinted by the University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis; at this time it has not been determined if this new edition will be an updated, “new & improved” version or an “as is” re-issue. Since I myself had so many folks, from Sault Ste. Marie to right up the North Shore of Minnesota, inquiring about the availability of “Island Folk” during my own book-marketing adventures I thought it very worthy of a mention.

Pete has another cool tome cooking which combines his own excellent photography with portraits of interesting Copper Country natives composed about 30 years ago, all of which may too see the light of day via the U of M Minneapolis (nothing definite yet but I wouldn’t be at all surprised).

Pete’s “Armour: A Lake Superior Fisherman” is still available at bookstores across the Lake Superior basin so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out please do so … it is indeed one of the best books out there depicting the “hard-as-nails” Yooper character.

Finally, I’ve received word from “1913 Massacre” filmmakers Louis Galdieri & Ken Ross that their project, now in the editing mode, is nearly complete through “Act 1” (as described to me by Louis) and they will be proceeding according to funding (“slowly but surely,” to quote them). From what I hear they’ve recently paid a visit to Lansing to present their work (see details at More power to ‘em, and we look forward to a fine film.

Gerry Mantel, RCM-Maki Publishers

By Ms. Katie (Mskatie) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 07:48 pm:

Danbury...saw it in last Sunday's Chicago Tribune also.

By Erica - Florida Keys (Erica) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 08:15 pm:

Danbury,I saw it in the Miami Herald under "weird"

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 08:29 pm:

Oh yeah! Captain Comeback, Tom Brady does it again! I LOVE that guy!!! Go New England!!!

By kosk in Toronto (Koskintoronto) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 10:39 pm:

Thank you Gerry Mantel. I wondered what happened to that movie.
Looking forward to seeing it...eventually..

By kosk in Toronto (Koskintoronto) on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 10:43 pm:

Deb--Normally I would have been cheering for New England
because of Tom Brady. However, my future son-in-law is from San
Diego, so until a little while ago I was a "Go, San Diego Padres!"
person. Now I can go back to being a New England fan. I cheered
for Seattle too--Fort Lewis, my son's base, is near there and
Holmgren was formerly with Green Bay. Sigh.. It's hard to pick
teams based on sentiment alone...

By Danbury (Danbury) on Monday, January 15, 2007 - 02:33 am:

Thnx to all confirmers. The Gazette was cited as source, but ... usually, the place I saw it receives it's news from a paper that is well known for creative journalism.

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Monday, January 15, 2007 - 07:13 am:

Kosk, Sorry, but I must correct you. The San Diego football team is called the Chargers. The baseball team is called the Padres. LOL

I'm not that big a Seattle fan, but I really wanted New Orleans to play at home and they would have if Seattle won. I like Da Bears and especially Lovie! But I really like most of the Saints team.

I guess we can't always get our way, eh? It'll be interesting to see a rematch between New England and Indy. Go New England! When is your daughter getting married? That should be fun. My son and his fiance' are getting married UP there next summer even though they're both from here. They're honeymooning in Copper Harbor and then flying to Florida.

By kosk in Toronto (Koskintoronto) on Monday, January 15, 2007 - 05:01 pm:

Deb--Oops...I did mean Chargers, but I did listen to a lot
of talk about the Padres in the summer.

Wedding plans are connected to our son's leave--not
easy to predict these days.

Your son's wedding plans sound delightful. Will they
be living in Florida?

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Monday, January 15, 2007 - 10:04 pm:

Kosk, Nope on Florida. They just bought a house about a mile from here. I'd die if they moved my grandson (from a previous relationship) to Florida. They're just going there to honeymoon and hopefully take Zach to Disneyworld.

Hopefully, your son will be home in no time and the wedding will be able to take place. I guess there won't be able to be a lot of planning since it's hard to say when he'll be home, huh? Good luck with that.

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