Nov 18-04

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Photo by Steve Haagen

Mary Drew at Pasty Central on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 05:43 am:

Doing some late season sightseeing in the Western U.P., Steve Haagen snapped up some nice shots of the Bond Falls in the Ontonagon area. He has a slideshow of the watery spectacle, over in the Guest Gallery, starring his best buddy and 4 year old son, Dylan! Typical kid, wouldn't you say, not noticing the chill in the air (no jacket on) and eating ice cream to boot... and how could you miss that great big toothy smile, which I'm sure must have been in response to 'say cheese'! This portion of the falls is actually a bit upstream and is often referred to as the rapids. No matter what time of year you visit, the rushing water is always a thrill to see.

By RD, Iowa on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 05:57 am:

What a great slideshow! You can almost hear the roar of the splashing rapids. Nice work, Steve.

By Jim and Pam on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 05:58 am:

Tis the warm weather we have been having here in Calumet

By Cindy, St. Clair Shores on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 06:00 am:

Looks like that's a great place to be in the fall. I just viewed the slideshow and really enjoyed it. It would be interesting to see it again in about a month from now in its winter glory.

By Mike B., Pittsburgh, Wishin I was back in the Yoop on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 06:02 am:

I aggree RD, an outstanding slideshow.

Good morning, all.

By Patt - Mid - Michigan on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 06:11 am:

Very cute photo!

By Kim Near Lansing on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 06:25 am:

That is one happy kid!

By NKR Mishawaka IN on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 06:34 am:

Good morning from Mishawaka IN. Wonderful picture. That reminds me, think I'll go to Dairy Queen for lunch today. Have a good day everyone.

By smf in troll land on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 06:39 am:

Good morning - great slide show!

By Frances S. Georgia on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 07:53 am:

Smiles, Ice cream and a great slide show. Now this is how to start the day off right.

By JBM .CenterLine Mi on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 08:10 am:

Most of our Dairy Queens closed for the season by now. Dang

By anita, lp on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 08:15 am:

Thank goodness our DQ is still open. We take our dogs for our weekly treat.

By Dave, Laurium on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 08:22 am:

As a kid I can remember breaking ice on freshly frozen ponds. In this pic I found my nephews Sam and Jonathon practicing this pre-winter pass-time. Soon, they will be lacing up their skates and whipping across this same pond. Ohhhh... to be a kid again...
icy pond

By BAK-TN on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 08:26 am:

That smile is the same the Packer Fans have this week as we now lead the NFC North Division... Say Cheese and Go Pack.....

A Very Nice Photo of this young guy enjoying a cone and the great weather in the Northern part of Michigan--- "Gods Country".

By Brita on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 08:27 am:

This picture is SO neat! The happy boy, the ice cream, and the awesome backdrop!! WOW!

By L-O-V-E Pastycam! on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 08:41 am:

Good Morning!

L-O-V-E to see pics of happy kids.... L-O-V-E Bond Falls..... and of course, L-O-V-E Pastycam!

(A special thanks to Steve Haagen for the picture tour, since I can't get back to Bond Falls till next year!)

By Kathy, MI on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 08:49 am:

Great slide show!

By Cindy, St. Clair Shores, MI on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 09:10 am:

Wouldn't it be neat if this little boy's dad took a picture of him in this exact same spot every year until he's all grown up? What a cool slideshow that would be someday!

By SarahK, MI troll in FL/ME on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 09:15 am:

Mild weather here in Maine too....mid 50's today. What
a beautiful state, reminds me much of the UP.

By elm on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 09:16 am:

Great picture Steve. What a happy kid. So nice to see the smiling face.

By KP, UK on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 09:33 am:

Nice to see Bond Falls - and looking so spectacular in fall 'clothing'....

And I have to admit to breaking ice on ponds as recently as the last year or two. Having grown up in Australia, the fascination in ice smashing is as fresh at 30 years old as it is for the kids :)

The inlaws (from the Kenton area) thought I was mad, but I'm used to that ;)

Thanks PastyCam for your daily dose of the UP

By BT,TC on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 09:48 am:

Well now....that's the same face I usually have when I'm in the Yoop.....What joy on that kids face...great photo!

By Rose on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 10:27 am:

Does this little guy have his shoes on the wrong feet? ( I think like a Mom ) LOL
Great grin he has there !

By Jeff K on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 10:33 am:

great pic......... bond falls is of my favorite UP stops. We take the kids there every year on our UP weekend adventure. Just downstream is AGATE falls - also another great one.


By Mary on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 10:41 am:

Here is a link of some falls from the Z-Man and it includes the Bond Falls. The campgrounds along the where the Bond Falls are awesome to go camping at. Beautiful there anytime of the year.

By Judy Chesaning MI on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 01:40 pm:

Nothing brightens up a gray gloomy day quicker than a child's smile! Wonderful picture!

By L-O-V-E Pastycam! on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 01:45 pm:

To Cindy, St. Claire Shores:
It happens I took pics of my kids in a special spot at Bond several trips to the Yoop... among my favorite shots of my kids now, 34, 27, and 25!! I hope someday to bring my grandkids there and take pictures where there parents were as kids. I also have a pic of me and my hubby in a spot matching where my folks stood back in '49 or '50.

By Michele on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 05:29 pm:

Kudos on a great capture of what life is... brings me my own childhood memories and my favorite comic strips-- Snoopy-- His landmark sketch was always "Happiness is.... and Snoopy was dancing and filling in the blank :) I would say today is "Happiness is ice cream and hanging out with Dad!" (and all who are there) He's not likely to realize the beauty of what is behind him, but when he is older like L-O-V-E Pastycam!'s kids are, he will get the big picture! :P Way to capture it for him!

By flyintomoorw... on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 07:16 pm:

Where's da snow?

By Steve,WI on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 11:39 pm:

Thank you for the wonderful comments on the picture, he really is a happy kid most of the time ;') And believe it or not even at his young age of 4 he realizes the beauty around him of northern WI and up at camp in the UP, and he has a great love of the outdoors. I like the idea of taking him back every year to get a picture in the same spot I think we will have to give that a try. And no Rose his shoe's are not on the wrong feet, I think it just looks that way in the picture a illusion from the mud that is on his shoes from exploring a little to close to the water. More pictures to come in the near future as soon as I get time to load them in my gallery.

By Lena, MN on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 11:56 pm:

I love the photos. What a grin. Pure fun and pure joy. Remember when you had no guilt in eating an ice cream cone? I think it's wonderful that you've started him the right way to enjoy nature. It will never leave him.

By yahoo in flatland on Friday, November 19, 2004 - 12:02 am:

It looks like they finally fixed the washed out bridge, at the bottom of Bonds Falls.
I was there last year & the place was a mess down at the bottom, due to heavy rains & a lot of erosion & washouts.
Nice to see they are fixing it back up!

By Helen G, Kansas on Sunday, November 21, 2004 - 12:54 am:

Wonderful slide show!

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