Remember Pasty Central's DAY IN HISTORY?
by Charlie Hopper
During the first half of 2008 we brought this daily one minute audio/visual experience for Pasty Cam visitors.  DAY IN HISTORY was a 60-second collage of items and historical anniversaries of significance to Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  Here is a sample DAY IN HISTORY from July 1, 2008.  You can travel back through previous days by clicking the link below the flash video screen.

Many regular Pasty Cam visitors have expressed the desire to see DAY IN HISTORY return.

It usually only took me about 10 minutes a day to produce this feature... AFTER doing the research, gathering the photos, and writing the script.  On some days that could take a long time. A few friends provided leads on historical notes to include, but part of my problem:  I would get so wrapped up in reading and discovering the heritage of the U.P., some days I would spend several hours just writing a :60 second script and gathering the related photos.  Along with my daily volunteer Pasty Cam publishing tasks, it just became too much to handle (and my real job got really busy, managing Pasty.NET).

This process of preparing daily content is where we need some assistance.  A few years back, Mary Drew stepped up and offered to take over editing the daily pictures and comments for the Pasty Cam, and we need a similar individual in regard to DAY IN HISTORY.  It's a pursuit that could probably be done in about a half hour each day, unless - like me - you enjoy it so much it takes over more of your time.

Do you have writing and research skills on the Internet?  Do you love U.P. history?  Could you commit to a daily schedule of advance preparation of this feature?  Give me a timed script and a storyboard of about 10 related pictures, and DAY IN HISTORY will be back "on the air".

This could be an ideal opportunity for someone wanting to write a book or pursue a career in technical writing.  If it sounds like something you could become passionate about, drop me a line and let's talk.

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