The Pasty Cam
November 15 - 21, 1998
Yooper snow angels
Saturday, November 21

A week which began clear and dry, ended snow covered and slippery.  The PastyCameramen demonstrate their winter skills in the very spot where they went on strike last June.

( the Eagle River Falls roars in the background)

 Friday, November 20

A brief clearing in the blinding snow this morning... we see trees broken from recent winds.  And... what is that building in the distance?

It comes into full view as we drive a little closer...

Quincy Mine

Snowstorm in the Keweenaw

Quincy Mine

Houghton, Michigan
Thursday, November 19

If you have not been to Houghton in a few years, we now have a Wal-Mart on the west side of town near the Mall.

(the scene of a slushy snowfall late this afternoon)

 Wednesday, November 18

Pop quiz time:  Where does this magnificent creature hang out?  Hint: lot's of hunters hang out here, too. 

(though not in the same manner)

Da Moose
Q: Where's the Moose?
(wrong guesses we received:  Slim's, Country Haus, Miscowabic Club, Gay Bar, Maple Inn, Keweenaw Mountain Lodge)
A:  The Dreamland Restaurant on Bootjack Road
Airborne Express hauling pasties!
Tuesday, November 17

10:13 AM:  The Airborne Express van leaves Pasty Central during a snow shower, with packages bound for warmer regions.  Good experience thus far with their low cost next day pasty delivery.

(beyond the van and the bush is the intersection of Mine and Elm Street)

 Monday, November 16

Light snow cover last night (more heavy in some areas of the U.P). We are off to a slow start.  Has La Ninia fizzled?

(a good day to fire up the snowmobiles anyway... just in case)

Snow on a cedar shake roof
Looking North... the Mackinac Bridge
P.S. Deer Hunting under way this weekend
Sunday, November 15

Over the years, wonder how many MTU and NMU students have seen this sight returning on Sunday afternoon for Monday morning classes?

(...and thankful to have a clear highway ahead this late in the fall)
Keweenaw deer

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Quincy Mine Hoist

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