The Pasty Cam
Week of October 11-17

Saturday, October 17
Peaceful scene in the Keweenaw hills
We conclude our week of PastyVision with a spot where M-26 cuts through the Cliff range (and so does Eagle River).  It has been suggested that the old barn on the right would make a good walk-in museum, with pictures and artifacts from the mining days. 
(most of these leaves will be gone by next weekend)

Friday, October 16
Laurium Manor Inn Bed and Breakfast
First the leaves turned yellow... then the leaves turned red... now they are simply turning loose and falling off.  Maybe that's why it's called "Fall". 
(The Laurium Manor Inn, beautiful in all seasons)

Thursday, October 15
Between Kearsarge and Allouez on US 41
Heavy frost this morning in our area, low of 29° overnight.  Say... haven't we seen this place before on the Pasty Cam? (last winter) 
(down the hill is a glimpse of The Last Place on Earth)

Wednesday, October 14
Ontonagon Students in Eagle River
The peninsula was invaded today by the students from Ontonagon Area Schools, on their annual foray into the heart of the Copper Country.  This shot at the Douglass Houghton Monument around noon today reveals much about the temperature. 
(although it is a bit dryer than yesterday)

Tuesday, October 13
Phoenix church today in the rain
NEWS FLASH!  At 3:05pm today, with a temp of 36°, the first tiny snow flakes of the season were spotted.  Of course, any which reached the pavement quickly met its demise. 
(here's another PastyVision look at the Phoenix church from last weekend)

Monday, October 12 (Columbus Day)
Color at the Cliffs in PASTYVISION
Rainy this morning at the Cliffs, sun beginning to break through.  Click the sign to read it close-up. 
(also scroll right to see the rest)

From Quincy Hill, across the canal to Houghton
Sunday, October 11 
Have you ever stopped at the scenic turnout overlooking the canal and lift bridge?  Zooming across this awesome panorama we spot the Houghton County Courthouse.  Notice how it appeared on the Pasty Cam last May.

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