The Pasty Cam
Week of September 6 - 12, 1998
Saturday, September 12

We've seen the bridge on several occasions, but today we look to the east from the bridge as the Pasty Cam cruises up U.S. 41.

(see a little color beginning on the Ripley side, north bank of the Portage Canal)

 Friday, September 11

Looking toward the end of the Keweenaw... with binoculars we could see Smith Fisheries and the mouth of the Montreal River.  It's windy today at Bete Gris.

(we stood here in July and looked down the beach to the right)

Bete Gris
Birds at Lac La Belle
Thursday, September 10

The Landing restaurant at Lac La Belle not only feeds their customers well, but also puts on quite a spread for the birds.
Lac La Belle trees
(We'll come back here in a couple of weeks for some of the fall color)

 Wednesday, September 9

It's back to school at MTU, and these new freshmen don't clown around.  A quick stop in the computer lab to check out today's Pasty Cam.

(Oh look!'s me!)

p-a-s-t-y dot c-o-m

Tuesday, September 8
Gratiot Lake boat landing
By request, the boat landing at Gratiot Lake.
The sky is incredible this week in the Keweenaw,
And you see a lot more of it in 

Paddling on Lake Fanny Hooe
Happy Labor Day
Monday, September 7

About that mystery lake on Saturday... today we go back for another look.  There were MANY guesses - and if you said Fanny Hooe you were right!

(Most guesses went to Lake Bailey, but Manganese, Medora and Schlatter were also named as possibilities.  Thanks to all who dropped us a note.)

 Sunday, September 6

This quiet Sunday morning the Pasty Cam spies the sunrise through the pines beyond Dr. Cooper's cabin.  Warm day ahead for the Keweenaw.

(red sky at morning, sailors take warning?)

Copper Country sunrise
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