The Pasty Cam
Week of August 9 - 15, 1998
Campground at Gitche Gumee
Saturday, August 15
Pop-up campers, travel trailers, and fifth wheels almost outnumber the birch trees and cedars this weekend in the Copper Country.
(now thru Labor Day the traffic is terrific)
Friday, August 14
 Earlier this year John Foster gave the Pasty Cam a tour of Calumet's Italian Hall memorial...
John Foster, April 27 Pasty Cam
...Now from John Hoh, Jr. of Milwaukee we have a summer closeup of the sign:
(We welcome guest Pasty Cam shots.  Our thanks to both Johns)
Italian Hall plaque
Thursday, August 13
Though local flowers still abound, our weather is roughly three weeks ahead of schedule. 
 (This has been a great year for swimming in Superior.)
Doctor and Mrs. Charles Hart
Wednesday, August 12
Pastor Charles Hart of Calumet, recently presented with an honorary doctor's degree by another hometown boy who made good, Dr. Les Olila (left) - president of Northland Bible College.
(Les grew up near Mohawk)
Tuesday, August 11
Wednesday is pasty day at Still Waters, so today we peel the vegetables. 
 (aside from being a good news source, the Mining Gazette has many other uses too!)
Peeling pasty  potatoes
Rest area near Marquette
 Monday, August 10
Here in the U.P. we are blessed with an excellent highway system.  The travelling Pasty Cam stopped in this log cabin rest area near Marquette.
(summer traffic is probably at its peak)
 Sunday, August 9
Still some run-off from yesterday's heavy rain.  Another hot day, as we gaze across the marsh at Boston (near Houghton County Airport).
 (The Copper Country sky is a continually changing canvas of colors)
Boston in the Keweenaw (not Mass.)
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