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Week of July 5 - July 11, 1998
One wet camp counsellor
Saturday, July 11
Great week for youth camps all around the U.P.  Have you ever wanted to do this to your counsellor? 
( that's Kristan Tuori of Sault Ste. Marie)
Friday, July 10
Looking south toward the channel at Bete Gris.  This stretch of beach was recently donated as a park by Lake Superior Land Company.
(and campers have enjoyed it for picnics and swimming this week) 
Bete Gris Beach
Stop and smell the Roses
Thursday, July 9
It has been an unusual summer here in the Keweenaw. The bugs have been far and few between, and plants are ahead of schedule. 
(These roses usually bloom around the end of July.)
Wednesday, July 8
Kitty-corner from the Post Office in Calumet, the old Oak House bar is flattened.  That's the Keweenaw Co-op next door with the blue roof.
(and Toivo speeding past on his Schwinn) 
Demolishing the Oak House
Looking toward Copper Harbor
Tuesday, July 7
The view of Copper Harbor from Brockway Ridge.  Here's where the fireworks happened on the fourth. 
(The ship in the harbor is the Isle Royale Queen III. )
Monday, July 6
Further festivities this weekend included an open house at the newly restored and recommisioned Mendota Lighthouse. Here, a lighthouse window pane is removed to install a new Fresnel lens.
(for a larger view of the lighthouse look here.) 
Restoring the Mendota Light
Popeye Run in Eagle Harbor
Sunday, July 5
Race day in Eagle Harbor, as the runners are instructed about the course.  Beautiful conditions, no bugs, great turnout at the 19th annual Popeye Run.
(see more Popeye Run photos in today's special edition)
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