The Pasty Cam
Week of June 21 - 27, 1998
Winter Mail Box
Saturday, June 27
Toivo's hopin' his tax return finally made it.  Have you checked that other box lately, Toivo?
(If the birds haven't made off with it...)
Friday, June 26
Center-court at the WMPL Senior Fair held yesterday and today in the Copper Country Mall.  Many friends stopped by the Still Waters - Pasty Central booth.
(WMPL is the home of Huskies Radio).
The Senior Fair
The Road Less Traveled
Thursday, June 25
The rain has cleared and left an early morning mist. This how it feels in the summer on the Swedetown cross country ski trails, near Calumet.
(In the winter, these are the best ski trails in the Keweenaw)
Wednesday, June 24
Today it's rainy in the Keweenaw. Lightning strikes Bumbletown hill.
(Yes, this picture was shot safely from within the confines of a car.).
Lightning Strikes
Anybody lose a boot?
Tuesday, June 23
Moments ago on Cliff Drive.  Bright sunshine today in the Copper Country, and cool temps to boot.
(Before you re-boot your computer, take time to order some pasties)
Monday, June 22
Here's a unique mailbox located  just a stone's throw away from Agate Beach on Five Mile Point Road.
(That's a Mining Gazette delivery tube behind it).
The one that didn't get away
Phoenix Church and Store - Summer traffic
Sunday, June 21
A traffic advisory from the Pasty Cam... On U.S. 41 at the Eagle River junction (which you better take if your destination is Eagle Harbor).
(The Phoenix Store is just to the right of this picture... Happy Father's Day!)
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