The Pasty Cam
Week of May 17 - 23, 1998
Saturday, May 23
Pasty Central's new warehouse?  No!  The new hockey rink/sports building at Camp Gitche Gumee in Eagle River.
(this is for all the guys who worked this spring and weren't able to be here for the roof completion)
Sports building at Gitche Gumee
Lake Superior traffic
Friday, May 22
This freighter looked like it was going to get stuck on the sandbar, just off the dunes in Eagle River.  The Pasty Cam-era man was ready to swim out and lend a hand.
(Compare the trees here to same view on April 3.)
Thursday, May 21
If you visit McLain State Park this weekend, be sure to leave your bugs at home.  Clear and cold this morning by the lake.
(inset shows the sign on the park office window)
McLain State Park
Alex Voelker, same age as the Pasty Cam
Wednesday, May 20
How about those Red Wings last night, beating the Blues?  In the Copper Country, hockey stars begin training at an early age.
(Alex has now made an appearance on the Pasty Cam every month)
Tuesday, May 19
Kiwanis Club member and Michigan Tech Alumnus John Smallwood flashes a yooper smile.  John is also a resident at Still Waters.
(and Still Waters residents help make some wonderful  pasties!)
John Smallwood at the White Elephant Sale
Sunset down 5 mile point road
Monday, May 18
Pasty Cam running a little late today... good opportunity to catch our favorite time of the evening.
(we never get tired of Lake Superior beauty)
Sunday morning, May 17
The clear skies have returned this brilliant Spring morning.  New life everywhere... apple trees, lilacs, and cherry trees are all in full bloom.
(extremely windy in the Keweenaw last night)
Sunshine on Cliff Drive
Sunday evening, May 17
How quickly the weather changes in the Copper Country!  Just before the downpour started, a fast Pasty Cam shutter caught this lightning over Pontello's cabin in Eagle River.
(just after sunset, looking southwest)
Lightning over a Keweenaw Cabin
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