The Pasty Cam
Week of May 3 - 9, 1998
Saturday 5/9
The U.P. has been so long without rain, fires are beginning to be a threat. This is near the Houghton county airport (CMX).
 (near the village of Boston)
Firefighters near the airport
Houghton County Courthouse
Friday 5/8
From the Ripley side of the canal, the Pasty Cam zooms in on the Houghton County courthouse.
(another clear, dry day in the Keweenaw)
Thursday 5/7
This is the longest stretch of sunny weather we have seen in years in the Copper Country.  Notice the progress of the leaves.  That's MTU in the distance.
 (as seen from the turnout up Quincy Hill)
Overlooking Houghton/Hancock
Work on 5th Street, Calumet
Wednesday 5/6
A special grant has enabled downtown Calumet to redo the streets, like they were in the mining days.
(the work should be done by June)
Tuesday 5/5
The Keweenaw County Road Commission is busy preparing signs and highways for the flood of visitors which begins over the next month.
 (BooHoo... black flies arrived today)
Road Commission workers
Mine shaft south of Calumet
Monday 5/4
A bit of visual trivia:  Can you identify this mine shaft house which looms above the surrounding homes?
(hint: it's in the Keweenaw)
Sunday 5/3
Busy weekend for Governor Engler!  He greeted Calumet dignitaries at the Theater, honored the state champs (Calumet hockey team) and received his own Pasty Central T-shirt.  And yes... he mentioned that he will seek re-election.
(Ours was one of several stops around the U.P. yesterday.)
Governor Engler with John Vertin, Ed Jenich and others
Governor Engler and Calumet Hockey Team
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