The Pasty Camsm
March 13 - 19, 2022
Saturday, March 19

Icicles formed on Swedetown trail trees.

The sun warms things as the melt begins [more...]

Quincy Mine, Limestone Mountain and the Bridge [more...]

Friday, March 18

Scenes from Houghton and Quincy Hill.
Scenes from Houghton

Thursday, March 17
Happy St. Patrick's Day
More March storm weather, this time white.
Superior Skating

After the ice, it turned to heavy, wet snow [more...]

Wednesday, March 16

Copper Country winter wildlife assortment.
Winter Wildlife

They tough out winter cold & snow UP North [more...]

Tuesday, March 15

Keweenaw Front porch window ice art.
Ice Art

Frosty mornings produce cool artistry [more...]

Sunrise turns icy trees golden and sparkly [more...]

Monday, March 14

Keweenaw trees sparkle after freezing rain.
Sparkling trees

Sunday, March 13

Scenes from my hometown
about 40 years ago

Photo from Pasty Cam archives
Pasty Cam Archives

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