The Pasty Camsm
August 1 - 7, 2021
Saturday, August 7

Time for a visit to Mackinac Island.
Mackinac Island

The marina, downtown, the fort and [more...]

New friends at camp [more...]

Friday, August 6

Moose and twins in the Huron Mtn. area.
Moose in the Woods

Thursday, August 5

Northern Lights from the tip of the Keweenaw.
Keweenaw Aurora

With a streak of lightning thrown in, too [more...]

Grab your pail and get picking [more...]

Wednesday, August 4

Keweenaw Thimbleberries are ripening.
Thimbleberry Picking

Tuesday, August 3

The falls between Calumet and Lake Linden.

Douglass Houghton or Houghton Douglass? [more...]

Is it Wheat or Rye on this Chassell farm? [more...]

Monday, August 2

Which crops in the Keweenaw are growing well?
Keweenaw Farming

Sunday, August 1

Memories of our younger days in the Keweenaw
continue to bring us back to this wonderful peninsula

Photo from Richard Barclay - don't try this at home
Photo from Richard Barclay

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