The Pasty Camsm
January 10 - 16, 2021
Saturday, January 16

Sunrises beautifully color the U.P.
The colors of sunrise

Putting a golden touch on everything in view [more...]

But the temperatures let you know it's not [more...]

Friday, January 15

Big Traverse Bay is looking like summertime.
January or July?

Thursday, January 14

Flying over two Keweenaw Lighthouses.
Lighthouses, tugs and barges

Along with a tug and barge rounding the Keweenaw point [more...]

Early morning light, snowbanks, clouds & mailboxes. [more...]

Wednesday, January 13

Things you see during a day, in town and out UP North.
Things you see

Tuesday, January 12

Pancake Ice dots the Keweenaw North Shore.
Superior ice

It comes in and goes out with the wind and the waves [more...]


Icy formations hanging from the ledges above [more...]

Monday, January 11

Jacobsville Sandstone join with ice & snow.
Sandstone and Ice

Sunday, January 10

Unfortunately Heikinpaiva has been canceled this year.
It's hard to carry your wife wearing a facemask.

Photo by Daryl Laitila
from the archives

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