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November 15 - 21, 2020
Saturday, November 21

Big Boats shelter when November Gales blow.
Taking shelter

A number of freighters wait out the storm [more...]

Beauty in the early daybreak skies in the Keweenaw [more...]

Friday, November 20

Morning sun bursts through the clouds.
Morning has broken

Thursday, November 19

Snow makes everything brighter, cleaner looking.
Sunshine & Snow

The Copper Country glows with snow and sunshine [more...]

Going down isn't bad, coming back up is harder [more...]

Wednesday, November 18

Pinnacle Falls in Big Bay - worth the hike.
Pinnacle Falls

Tuesday, November 17

Scenes we find on Keweenaw country roads.
Country scenes

Just need to slow down & check them out [more...]

Large flocks of Evening Grosbeaks gobbling up the sunflower seeds [more...]

Monday, November 16

Traprock Valley is where it's at for these birds.
Evening Grosbeaks

Sunday, November 15

On the 15th - 15 years ago - a mountain of
salt had arrived in the Copper Country,
for the coming months of slippery driving

Photo by Susan Hooker
Photos by Susan Hooker

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