The Pasty Camsm
September 20 - 26, 2020
Saturday, September 26

Nature transforming right before our eyes.
Fall all around

Making the Keweenaw Autumn brilliant (and cranes are excited!) [more...]

But get there for sundown and moonrise and it's unbeatable [more...]

Friday, September 25

Any day on the shores of Lake Superior
is a good day.

Thursday, September 24

Fall is definitely underway and in the air.
Fall in the air

Temperatures are cooler, it is windier and colors are changing [more...]

A great place for a family visit and hike on the trails [more...]
Wednesday, September 23

Color is just beginning at the Porkies.
Exploring Lake of the Clouds

Tuesday, September 22

Horseback riding this time of year is colorful!
Fall riding

Slowing down to enjoy the view from the saddle [more...]

As morning arrives, so does the fog and a blanket of frost [more...]

Monday, September 21

Keweenaw September can be warm or chilly.
September in the U.P.

Sunday, September 20

Lots of green still in the Keweenaw, gradually
giving way to Autumn's red and yellow.

Archive photo by Aimee Rathbun
Autumn coming

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