Celebrity gives Upper Michigan a boost
Jay LenoFor the month of July 2007, Jay Leno has been named as the recipient of the coveted Golden Pasty Award. 

On The Tonight Show, Leno occasionally features signs from around the country which have some humorous double meaning or misspelling. Last month Leno unwittingly gave an economic boost to Michigan's Upper Peninsula when he poked fun at a U.P. sign which read "My Mom's Pasties".   It's not uncommon for the uninitiated to assume that someone simply misspelled "pastries" - and Leno fell into this trap.  While the brief spot on the June 11th Tonight Show brought laughter of the 'wardrobe mishap' variety from the audience, it also struck a chord with dozens of viewers who turned to the web to to find 'pasty.com'.  Overnight Pasty Central received several thousand dollars in orders from customers who cited the Tonight Show for triggering long-forgotten memories about their favorite Michigan dish.  Occurring during the peak of the Father's Day rush of orders, Leno's antics resulted in one of the best months in the history of Pasty Central.

While Leno may be unfamiliar with pasties (the food), he is no stranger to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, having featured the Watersmeet Nimrods on The Tonight Show in 2004.

Golden Pasty AwardPasty Central's Golden Pasty Award - now in its twelfth year -  is normally bestowed on websites which promote the history, culture, beauty, and economy of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  At the fourth annual Pasty Fest last month in Calumet, Jay Leno though clueless he may be about 'pasties' - was granted a place of honor in the renowned Golden Pasty Hall of Fame.

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