The Pasty Cam
January 23 - 29, 2005
Saturday, January 29

An all too common sight found all over  the Keweenaw these past few weeks.

Time to climb and scoop!
Shoveling high
Skating anyone?
Friday, January 28

The many moods of the Big Lake could fill these pages over and over…

Sometimes raging, sometimes peaceful.
Thursday, January 27

With the sun hidden behind the falling snowflakes, we see an empty playground.

Just waiting for someone to swing and slide.
Everybody ready?
Wednesday, January 26

A ski outing on the western end of the UP - the Porkies Chalet.

And a run that looks like the end of a cliff!
Over the edge…
Tuesday, January 25

Out for a leisurely stroll perhaps or heading for the hills on a breakout.

The canines in the background, don’t seem to be doing their job!
Monday, January 24

Ice, on top of ice, on top of more ice…reflecting, but frosty at the same time.

"I've seen ice from both sides now..."
Sunday, January 23

Having a slick time on the ice back in the 60's.

From the shoebox of Patti Vickers.
Serious snow removal
Rink crew
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