The Pasty Cam
January 2 - 8, 2005
Saturday, January 8

A slice of the Keweenaw overlooking the Big Lake in all her glory.

On what looks to be a perfect day.
Friday, January 7

Heading north on US 41, we're welcomed as we enter the town of Houghton.

Gateway to the Keweenaw.
Thursday, January 6

Man's best friend can also be a most patient companion...

As long as the wait doesn't get too long.
Waiting for...
Top hat
Wednesday, January 5

You'll discover some interesting sights on your winter adventures in the U.P. woods.

This sunflower donned its hat to keep warm.
Tuesday, January 4

So many winter activities to occupy us when the snow starts piling up...

But first let's move that snow around!
Blowin' the snow
Deserted Island
Monday, January 3

Ice continues to form on U.P. lakes and rivers, making them shimmery in the sun.

Beware the open waters -- stay off the ice!
Sunday, January 2

Eighty years ago a thriving transportation business was founded in the Copper Country.

Thirty years later it drove off into history.
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