The Pasty Cam
June 10 - 16, 2001
Saturday, June 16

Seafood, pasties, and fun at this weekend's Bridgefest in Houghton.  More photos in today's Cam Notes.

Seems like there was ice in this spot just a few days ago! 
Friday, June 15

Mama's getting a head start for Father's Day.  Probably not enough time to make pasties on Saturday, with bridgefest comin'

Another retro-Pasty Cam courtesy of Houghton County Historical Society.
Mmmmm good!
Old Glory
Thursday, June 14
Happy Flag Day
Did you remember to raise the colors today?  Ours are provided by Takashi Aoki, physics student at Michigan Tech.
Can you identify the steeple? 
Wednesday, June 13

Another Keweenaw "bug's eye view" from Dan U... it's a virtual Lupine-fest in today's Cam Notes, with 3 big pictures 
(no extra charge :o)

The tent caterpillars apparently have no taste for purple (see Sunday, below)


Nature's bouquetLook reeel close
Sign of the timesSign of the timesSign of the times
Tuesday, June 12

Here's a traffic advisory from Pasty Central: watch for the detour signs at Phoenix.

Helpful browser hint: If the sign in today's photo isn't changing, be sure that "Play animations" is checked in your advanced Internet options. 
Monday, June 11

Somebody meant to fix that leak in the garage roof... about 40 years ago :o)  Can you guess the year and make of the car?

How about we sell it on Ebay? 
Repairs needed here
Sunday, June 10

eeeyooo!  Creepy crawlies everywhere in the western U.P.  Tent caterpillars have stripped many birch and oak trees.

A classic nature close-up by Dan Urbanski. 
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