The Pasty Cam
March 12 - 18, 2000
Saturday, March 18

This week we brought you 7 views, each from a different Pasty Camist.  Jon Anderson concludes the week with the retreating snow at Bete Grise.  The Mendota Lighthouse has become a sounding board for public opinion in the Keweenaw, in recent days focusing on the Mount Bohemia controversy.

3/18 - Jon Anderson, Calumet - see his screen saver
3/17 - Lt. Keith Sheffler, US Marines, North Carolina
3/16  -  Charlie Hopper  -  Administrator, Pasty Central
3/15 - Joe Kirkish, professor, photo journalist, Houghton
3/14 - Daryl Laitila, web design and support specialist
3/13 - Jon Hopper, System Administrator PastyNET
3/12 - Dan Urbanski, QuietlyWild nature photography


Across the Lac La Belle channel
Be a Cam Watcher
Friday, March 17
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Wearin' o' the green, USMC style... Lieutenant Keith Sheffler, an avid Pasty Cam watcher, shares a bit of his recent 'vacation' during mountain training.

Four years in Houghton and countless summers in Pelkie, qualify Keith as a true Yooper Trooper.

Thursday, March 16
Happy St Urho's Day
Abundant sunshine continues this week, seen here pouring over Jacob's Falls, home of the Jampot.

Today's shot by yours truly, Charlie Hopper.  My pleasure to write the daily Pasty Cam comments for the last 2 years.

Touch of purple from above
Wednesday, March 15

Here in the Keweenaw we awoke this morning to a fresh blanket of light snow.  Sure does make the world look cleaner.

A classic view by Joe Kirkish... and you can see more of his work here.

Tuesday, March 14

Standing here on the bank of the Otter River, the Pasty Cam feels like the richest Cam in the world...

..and so do those behind the lens.  Camist Daryl Laitila also recently published a home page for Copper Range Historical Museum

Stream through the northwoods
Welcome to Norw-Eh?
Monday, March 13

A lot of trails everywhere in the U.P. have suffered this winter.  Snowmobilers have stayed away in droves.  But there should be some great hiking this spring!

Today's big picture by Jon Hopper reveals the rest of this unusual trail vehicle.

Sunday, March 12

Sunny and cold, and the Pasty Cam gets up close and personal with some drift wood on the Superior shore.

Dan Urbanski had to stand on his head to take this one!

Winters Icy Claw...
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