The Pasty Cam
January 9 - 15, 2000
Saturday, January 15

The next couple of weeks will be a blur of activity around campus, as MTU prepares for this year's winter festivities.

See the details at the Blue Key site.

Pre-Snow Carnival
Just like downtown
Friday, January 14

Are all of these sleds here at Lake Linden City Hall registering to vote?  No way... That's the Loading Zone right next door.

Today's Pasty Cam came in so late, it was almost the Twilght Zone :o)

Thursday, January 13

A tangle of snow-covered branches greets the dawn as we return to the Copper Country.  It's been fun to travel the U.P. this week...

...but there's no place like home.

Peaceful Northwoods
Id rather be fishin'
Wednesday, January 12

What is the name of that little lake between Ishpeming and Negaunee?  The one right on US-41... The one covered with all the fishing shanties...

...unless, of course, you've only seen it in the summer :o)
correct answer: Teal Lake

Tuesday, January 11

If you guessed Marquette on yesterday's photo, nice job.  The Pasty Cam decided to spend some time in the Central U.P. before returning to the Keweenaw.

Let's take a stroll through the park.

Presque Isle playground
At the waterfront
Monday, January 10

Each old dock support is fitted with it's own icy cap. Quite a few Cam Watchers guessed this to be from Fayette Park near Escanaba.

...though several dozen folks correctly identified the harbor near Presque Isle in Marquette.

Sunday, January 9

Beautiful sunny day in the U.P.  The Pasty Cam takes a scenic excursion to Marquette and spots two famous landmarks...

...the United Methodist Church and the Landmark Inn, which happens to be a previous Golden Pasty Award winner.

Historic Marquette
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