Mar 29-06

Past-E-Mail: Cam Notes - 2006: March: Mar 29-06
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Photos by Ryan Wainio
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Photos by Ryan Wainio

Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 10:24 am:

Looking at the first photo supplied to us today by Ryan Wainio, you notice several things... the shades of pink coloring the skies up above Lake Superior, the snow beginning to recede and a road appearing as it does. In Ryan's second shot, we're looking right down that road, which seems to come to an abrupt stop right before you'd drive off into the Big Lake. Of course if you were driving one of those amphibious vehicles known as 'Ducks', you'd have no worries at the end of the road!

By JH (Thumbgardener) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 10:48 am:

Mary, the first picture is beautiful, but the second one doesn't show up on my computer. I don't know if it is just me or if it is that way for everyone.

Mary says: My mistake folks...I forgot to upload the picture so Charlie could post it..all fixed now! :->

By Betty Paull Colborn,AZ (Betty) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 10:53 am:

Good morning everyone. Mary I only get an 'x' on the second picture also.

By Justin Johnson (Tinksno) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 10:53 am:

Off the the Yooper we go. Little Grace will get to see her Great Grandma for the first time. Hope everyone has a great day.

By Shelly Harwood (Shelly) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 11:00 am:

When I saw the first picture, which is the only one I can see too, I thought how much it really looks like "March" in Michigan. March seems to have its own paintpot of colors that are distinct to that time of year. Not yet spring, but wanting to burst into it.

By Steve Haagen (Radsrh) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 11:36 am:

Must be fixed I can see both pictures and they both are beautiful

By kzoocathy (Loulou) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 11:54 am:

Yup, see both ! Nice ! Does appear to "drive" into the big blue
yonder. Approaching 50 degrees here ! Windows open ! Yeah !

By Kathyrn Laughlin (Kathyl) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 12:31 pm:

Shelly, that's exactly what I was thinking. The top picture is a great "early spring" picture.

By WishingIWasInDaUP (Sur5er) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 02:05 pm:

Wow, what I wouldn't give to be there experiencing both these sights first hand. Sigh.
Tinksno, hope your little Grace has a wonderful visit with her great grandma :)

By Mary-Ella Broere (Sandstoneprince) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 02:40 pm:

These photos are some of the most beautiful I have seen on this site. Ryan, you are a really good photographer. Most of the photos on this site are fantastic, just lots of talented people that visit and submit to this site.
Hello to all my Jake people.
Missin' the big lake today.

By JAD, Oscar, MI (Jandalq) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 03:10 pm:

Soooooooooooo--where is it?

By Connie, Eagle River Alaska (Connie8792) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 03:41 pm:


By maija in Commerce Township (Maija) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 03:48 pm:

Absolutely beautiful. Dusk is so magical--my favorite time of the day.

By Gordon Jelsma (Gordomich) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 04:27 pm:

Mary Drew, your mentioning "Ducks" reminds of my youth during the early 70s. A friend of mine had purchased one of those amphbious cars. It was fun watching the expressions on faces as we drove onto the boat launch and into the lake/river. During one extersion onto a lake on a wind day we broke the windshield when we ran into a diving board. Took about 3 months for the insurance company to pay up.

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 05:21 pm:

Absolutely breathtaking! It's a beautiful spring day here. Took Maddie (the dog) out walking at 6:30 this a.m., walked on my lunch break at work and gonna head out with Maddie again in a little while for her evening jaunt. What a day! No jackets today, that's for sure.

By Dave R. (Shutterbug) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 05:28 pm:

Great pictures Ryan. They capture the mood of the changing of seasons. A "picture worth a thousand words" in deed.

By Helen (Heleninhubbel) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 05:42 pm:

Beautiful,..........but where was the picture taken??????

The snow is shrinking.....yea!!!!!!!!!!!!

By WishingIWasInDaUP (Sur5er) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 06:26 pm:

Maija, I second your take on dusk. Nothing like sitting back, after a hectic day, and taking in a beutiful just gives a wonderful meaning to the day ;)

By Carole (Carole) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 06:48 pm:

I think the pictures were taken in Marquette along Lakeshore Blvd. In the second picture you can see a rock formation in the water on the right side. There is a little island out there that is a seagull haven, and also for kids that take a boat out there and paint messages on the stones.

By Erica - Florida Keys (Erica) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 09:50 pm:

Lovely pictures and beautiful color!

By Ryan Wainio (Winshark) on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - 11:54 pm:

This is down by what is now called Founder's Landing in Marquette. Thank you all for the compliments. One of my friends called and told me I had the picture of the day. You know what's really funny about this "early Spring" picture? It was taken in January! Lol.

I did take some pictures this past Sunday and am going to finish posting them in my albums. :D

By Mary Lou Curtin (Marylou) on Thursday, March 30, 2006 - 10:16 am: what are they going to do with Founder's Landing?......I thought the condos would be there by now. It is such a beautiful spot. Seems like Marquette politics are as complicated as Escanaba..although Marquette has lovely condos on the waterfront......Escanaba does not have one condo in the whole town!!...

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