The Pasty Cam
Week of October 18 - 24
Saturday, October 24

Some excitement today on Keweenaw backroads with the D&N Lake Superior PRO Rally.  Here's are more sights captured by the Pasty Cam.

(...and here's where you can find out more about the events)

Lake Superior PRO Rally
Da Yoopers Tourist Trap
Friday, October 23

After our trek through the peninsula, we spot Big Gus (the chainsaw?) just this side of Marquette.  Let's head for home and maybe catch some of the POR Rally tomorrow.

(we last stopped by da trap on April Fool's Day)

 Thursday, October 22

The Pasty Cam had a short excursion across the U.P. to see if there was any color left.  The travelers were treated to a feast for the eyes.

(on the south side of the U.P. along Lake Michigan's shore)

Near Lake Michigan
Snow fell today in Houghton
Wednesday, October 21

Are those snow clouds beyond the bridge over Quincy Hill?  Notice the nice new roof on this old mining era building in Houghton.

(remodelled recently by Moyle Construction)

 Tuesday, October 20

  Late Autumn announces its presence with an increase of windy and rainy weather in the Keweenaw. Even storm clouds have a bright side.

(To the lower right-hand corner of the bridge  is the Dee Stadium .)

On the Houghton Waterfront
In the Hart's cabin
Monday, October 19

As snow is expected soon, it's cozy to be around the fire with the family.  Dr. Charles and Joyce Hart enjoy a visit from daughter Lois, son Jack, and grandson Dalas.

(The Hart's were on the Pasty Cam a couple of month's ago)

Sunday, October 18

Happy Anniversary (yesterday) to Matt and Gloria North of Dollar Bay, seen here taking off for a lively tour of Copper Country color. Gloria says,    "Eat Pasties....Stay Young!".

(With all of the wind lately, the colors are rapidly fading to the ground.)

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