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April 8 - 14, 2018


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Saturday, April 14

Busy start to the shipping season at Marquette Harbor.
Icy waters from the bow of James R. Barker.
from the archives

Boating on Lake Superior today...
dress warm!
Coming and going

Friday, April 13

Redpolls feeding frenzy out of someone's hand.
Pasty Cam invaded by the birds!
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This Day


This Day

Thursday, April 12

Snowshoeing along a HUGE Keweenaw rock.
Springtime raging waters on the Big Iron River.
from the archives

A river, a bus stop and Superior Waves.
BIG Rocks

Wednesday, April 11

Meanwhile here in the U.P., still waiting for Spring.
Looking back at other icy
covered Springs UP North.
From the Archives

This Day


This Day

Tuesday, April 10

Marquette Harbor with smokestacks billowing.
Watch a 10 year old surfing in the Springtime.
from the archives

Sledding, Surfing & Egg Hunting
Spring activities.
McCarty Cove view

Monday, April 9

Springtime isn't always kind to dirt roads UP North.
Reviewing what Spring looks like
year to year.
From the Archives

This Day


This Day

Sunday, April 8

A couple of notable bridges in the U.P.
from the archives
Cut River and Superior natural.

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