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December 31, 2017 - January 6, 2018


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Saturday, January 6

Freighters and foxes on the St. Mary's River.
St.Mary's River fox Breaking ice off the deck of
the Alder Ice Breaker.

from the archives
Transporting cargo around the U.P.

Friday, January 5

Removing snow from the roof is a big job UP North.
Snow on the road, piling up and shoveling it off.
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This Day


Thursday, January 4

Storm over Lake Superior causing sea smoke.

Clearing the railroad tracks with a Russell Snowplow.
from the archives

Clearing the Hubbell tracks in the '70's.
Railroad plow

Wednesday, January 3

Today we're crossing under the Lift Bridge.
And checking out some architecture here UP North.
From the Archives

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This Day


Tuesday, January 2

A tree lined snowshoe trail winding through the woods.

Aerial winter scenery from the Marquette area.
from the archives

Views around the U.P.
from mountains to forests.
Playing on the Portage

Monday, January 1
Happy New Year
The U.P. is the perfect place for cross country skiing.
Downhill and cross country today.
From the Archives

This Day

This Day
Sunday, December 31
In Memory
Michael Bausano
Bonnie Dockendorf
Nancy Klingbeil
Dan Kobasic
Steven Lancour
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