The Pasty Cam
September 2 - 8, 2007
Saturday, September 8

A friendly partridge gazes at the Pasty Cam from his perch.

What are those things on the stump?
Interesting 'shroom

Friday, September 7

As far east as you can go in the Upper Peninsula, here is where you'll be.

Traversing St. Mary's River.
Thursday, September 6

The Governor still has a ban on burning in Michigan, except for State Campgrounds.

A charred mess is the example of why.

Garbage thieves
Wednesday, September 5

Something's been eating the garbage and mangling the bird feeders in Bete Gris.

Is it man or beast or critters?
Feeder wreckers
Tuesday, September 4

A rocky expanse, along Lake Superior's shores, makes up the Keystone Beach.

No sand castle building here!

Fish stories
Monday, September 3
Happy Labor Day
What better way to spend the holiday, than out on a lake in the U.P. fishing.
Unless you're a fish, of course!
Here fishy, fishy!
Sunday, September 2

A salute to teachers everywhere who have played a vital role in shaping young lives.

A Shoebox Memory from Phoenix School.
School Marm
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